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David loves to pour his body and soul into working with thoughtful and creative people on inspired and entertaining projects.  He is passionate about good visual storytelling in a collaborative and creative environment.  David is particularly excited by the projects that present the biggest creative and logistical challenges, and that often end up having the fewest resources.  He would say there is nothing more satisfying than collaborating with the director, producers, production designer and crew to solve all the creative challenges that are required to bring a story to life on the screen. It's magical.  


In the woods of Canada David shot "North of Normal" for director Carley Stone, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2022.  He also shot “The Calling” starring Susan Sarandon and Donald Sutherland, and the sci-fi adventure film “At First Light",  both directed by Jason Stone.  He has been the director of photography on a number of television shows and pilots for Apple+, Disney+, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox including director Jason Winer’s white house single camera comedy “1600 Penn” starring Bill Pullman, Josh Gadd, and Jenna Elfman, musical single camera comedy "Perfect Harmony", starring Bradley Whitford, AP Bio Season 3, and the remake of "The Wonder Years".  


In the commercial world David has collaborated with directors from Smuggler, Bullit, Caviar, Anonymous, Gifted Youth, Pony Show, and many more.  He tackled a series of Progressive spots for Randy Krallman for Smuggler.  In 2017 he travelled to Poland for director Peter Berg to shoot one of the most talked about Super Bowl spots of Super Bowl LI for Hyundai—“Operation Better”. 

David has also been directing commercials and TV, including episode 120 of "The Wonder Years".  


Originally from Michigan, David went to Williams College to prepare for his career in medicine.  After school, he switched gears dramatically, moved to Los Angeles, and has been happily working in the filmmaking business for many eventful years.

"Mustache", directed by Imran J. Kahn and produced by Christina Won, will hit SXSW and theaters in 2023. And look out for his work on episode 306 of "Mythic Quest" for Apple+, which is part of the inspiration for another series he is shooting called "Mere Mortals", also for Apple+.  

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